Friday, August 28, 2009

Megan & Josh: Wedding: Portland, Oregon

Now that Josh & Megan are married it's always fun to try and sneak the couple away from the big group of family & friends and let them have a few minutes by themselves... Well I guess me and my assistant as well!!! hahaha so much for being completely alone.. this is my favorite part of the day to see the couple interact with one another. Now that all the stress of the planning, decorations, picking out that perfect dress and not to mention all the last minute details no one can really plan for have been taken care of. It's easier to focus on the real reason why these two have come together today. Being able to capture the couple when they are completely relaxed and excited to be starting their life's together is truly priceless... here are just a few more images of the couple and then it's time for Josh to have his personal session!... Keep reading you don't want to miss this!

Now it's time for just Josh to have his personal session! Josh is a fun guy just to be around this was the first time I was able to meet Josh since he was unable to make
our meeting to book the wedding and I knew from the time I met
him it was going to be a fun day!

So when you are photography guys you have to help give some pointers since they don't want to feel dorky well when I told Josh to give me his "manly" pose this is what I got! hahaha

He was excited and ready for anything...

Alright time for the mom pose!

I told him to give me his best modeling pose!

So Josh had some creative ideas all it took for me was to give him one word and see what he would come up with! This is Josh's "Sexy" pose!! It was a blast to watch Josh having so much fun, that's what's very rewarding with my job to be able to capture the indiviual personality through images... I am very pleased with Josh's session I truly feel we captured Josh's true personality...

Since Megan & Josh were married in Portland, Oregon they had their reception on Saturday out at Megan's paren'ts house in Eatonville.... The couple celebrated their new marriage with a ring ceremony for all there close family and friends to witness. If you can tell from Josh's session you can only imagine the entire wedding party... Nothing says celebration like having the wedding party dance down the aisle... Stay tune... You don't want to miss this!

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